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Architectural Review Committee

Lake Geneva Manor Association Architectural Review Committee (LGMARC) Building and Development Information

The Association Board created the Architectural Review Committee (LGMARC), its guidelines, and a process to promote communication amongst neighbors and maintain the Manor Association neighborhood’s unrivaled community and feel. This is not a cookie-cutter community. Each residence has its own distinctive architectural style and design. The Manor Association has 124 lots and 82 unique dwellings.

The Lake Geneva Manor Association was developed in 1926, before the City of Lake Geneva (City) created its current building codes and zoning. LGMARC guidelines may differ from current City code and zoning but Association Members are strongly encouraged to take them into consideration while creating construction projects. The City Building and Zoning Department enforces the City code and should be involved in any construction project. Permits are required for most projects. Many additions/new construction require City forms and variances from existing building codes. Water quality and runoff are significant issues. Approval by the City may take up to 2-3 months or longer and may require the hiring of architects, civil engineers, lawyers, surveyors and other specialists.

In addition to minding the posted LGMARC guidelines, LGMARC encourages Association Members to prioritize the following items during their construction projects:

  1. Update and notify neighbors/LGMARC regarding delays/amendments/additions;

  2. Maintain the height from the ground to the peak of tallest structure to 32 feet or less (Association

    tallest homes, lower than city code);

  3. Do not worsen existing drainage or water runoff issues;

  4. Ensure builders cleanup adequately and promptly.


Process & Procedures
Downloadable file here

Lake Geneva Manor Association Architectural Review Committee (LGMARC) Procedural Construction Checklist

LGMARC procedural construction checklist for LGMARC and Association Member to manage timelines, expectations, and neighborhood harmony.

  1. Association Member notifies LGMARC/Board of construction plans. Date: _________________________

  2. LGMARC sends Association Member LGMARC Construction Form. Date: _________________________

  3. Association Member submits completed LGMARC Construction Form with its requested contents to LGMARC no later than 14 days before plans are presented to the City of Lake Geneva Plan Commission.
    Date: _________________________

  4. LGMARC reviews submitted LGMARC Construction Form and its requested contents and communicates with Association Member, as necessary.
    Date: _________________________

  5. LGMARC issues letter to Plan Commission. Date: _________________________

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