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Annual Meetings 

Saturday July 9, 2022
@10:00 am – held in the Manor park

10:16 Roll Call and Opening –  Quorum reached, 63 members accounted for

President Brief

Jen Read (President) thanks the current board members for their work and introduces new association members: Dr. and Mrs. Kokodynski & Mr. & Mrs. Hackett


Approval of last annual meeting minutes 

Motion by, Sarah McConnell, Seconded by Marcie Hollman…..


Pete Peterson asks to speak on importance of reading minutes and being aware of past decisions made by the association.  He brought up his concern over the associations “emergency fund” being approved five years prior.  Then, a few years later there were questions about the amount of funds needed for emergencies $8,000 to $20,000 and authority the board has to use these funds.  Pete also questioned what constituted as an emergency vs. inconvenience.  Mr. Peterson stated he wished he read those previous minutes and that regarding the 2021 minutes he requested an amendment as follows:  “I asked Steve Garrels who our insurance company and agent was, Steve replied he did not know but would get Pete the information.”  


Sarah McConnell to approve amendment, second by George Zimmermann – .  At this point President Read wishes to move forward.

 (amendment placed on 2021 minutes)


Steve Garrels (Treasurer) gave the report as follows:

  1. Balance Sheet Highlights

  2. Emergency fund balance at $20,000

  3. Operating Cash is up to $32,371, a $15,000 increase from last year

  4. There is a credit of $2,980 due to the new pier company not knowing the relationship between boat pier and swim pier billing

  5. Donations for park benches have not be expended yet as well as tree replacement funds

    Pete Peterson asked if “operating cash is real”, Steve responded that it is going forward real cash or savings for a major repair in the bank account.  Pete followed with asking if this will lower next year’s budget as we are a non-profit.  Steve’s response was “we as a group can decide that.”  Pete wants the funds dedicated to something specific like a major repair or reduce the dues.  Otherwise, we will keep increasing this fund by $14,000 per year.  Steve agrees with this and thinks we should get costs for major repairs.

    Georgi Kleiman asking to make it a reserve fund and to always have money in it



  1. Pete Peterson made a motion: “when a disaster occurs, the board is authorized to use any and all of the disaster fund to clean up the park, fund money is not for rehab.  If more funds are needed the board must get association approval.  Strictly for the $20,000 fund.”  

    1. Carol Zimmerman offers friendly amendment to the motion in order to include all manor property, not just the park

    2. Jen Read clarifies that the emergency fund and reserve fund are 2 different things.  Reserve for major repairs/Emergency for emergencies on manor property.

    3. Steve Garrels Seconds the motion – all approve unopposed


  1. Steve asks if there are any questions before stating we need to vote on the budget $55,800 of revenue or $450 per lot.  This includes $5,000 contingency for unforeseen items and with all of that still plus $3,000.

  2. Pete Peterson would like to make a motion on what to do with the $32,000 in reserve, he doesn’t care what it is just so that it is defined

  3. Marya Gibbons would like more information on what projects would cost so we have a better idea of the total dollar amount needed to hold.

  4. Tom Pecora suggests to leave the reserve fund at $32,000 for this year until giving us time to get bids on seawall etc.  And next year look at reducing it down.

i.  Sarah Thompson asks if there is a wish list of things we want to get done
Jen Read states we do not and that it would be a good idea

Sarah offers to put together surveys and to meet with contractors to get bids

ii. Pete states a wish list is a wish list, we do not have any immediate needs and that each year we would keep accumulating money

  1. Terry Martino states this is strictly an accounting entry, a click of the button.  Doesn’t have to be dedicated at this time. 

  2. Steve agrees that we cannot keep accumulating cash but that we need some reserves

  3. Tom Meyers states every association has to have a reserve or they are setting themselves up for a big problem.

    [A request that we rename the line items and call it capital reserve, or rename it verses calling it reserve to distinguish it from emergency funds / reserves ] 

BUDGET VOTE:  Toni Vogel 1st, Wayne Reuter 2nd – all approve unopposed




Jenny Heaton (Grounds Chair) gave the report as follows

  1. The power line in the park is completed – the association is very pleased with this status

  2. Several members of the association donated time in May to the park

  3. The floral pots on both piers this year are beautiful thanks to Pesche’s Greenhouse and to members who have helped in watering.

  4. The swim pier lifeguard will end sometime in mid-August

  5. Eco Waterway Company will again clean the seaweed in the swim area

  6. Member Sarah McConnell asked Jenny about the weeds in the park and if the lawn maintenance company is in fact supposed to be weeding?  Jenny Heaton stated she would talk to the company.

  7. Jenny reports that she and Tom Nickols are discussing planting more native plants in relation to the Geneva Lakes Conservancy



  1. Jenny Heaton thanked David Frost for his help on re-writing some of the guidelines based on new city regulations and said she will get it out to members once they are finalized.

    1. Jenny states high level the focus of ARC is to connect neighbors when a project is going on to help approve plans



Mary Meyers (Entertainment Chair) gave the report as follows 

  1. Thank you to members for participating and helping in several activities that were held throughout the year:  tree decorating, Easter egg hunt etc.

  2. Tonight’s Manor picnic will begin at 5pm with the following items provided:  Grill, tables, chairs and DJ.

  3. August 15th will be the Manor book club – the book discussed will be Shoulder Season

  4. August 28th will be the movie in the park.  Book Club and movie night do not come out of the budget.

  5. Mary hopes for an Oktoberfest event this year end of September/early October – no date set



Dave Pezza (Boat Pier Chair) gave the report as follows

  1. Thank you to boat pier committee members: Pete, Bob, Jack and Tom

  2. 3rd year of Covid which has been interesting we had to change boat pier companies

  3. Improvements from last year, we buried the electric, removed the pole and in connection with that repaired the electric out to the pier with working lights dusk til dawn

  4. We negotiated a 3 year contract with the new pier company

  5. Dave stated that he took over the accounting and boat titles

  6. Repairs were done to some chains and an extra buoy for no wake area.

  7. 2 new members: 1 on slip, 1 on buoy and 2 new partnerships as well

  8. Boat pier was installed 4-19-22

  9. Handouts for the meeting included:  Boat pier list, waiting list, wave runner list and 2 year accounting.

    1. 2022 budget has changed to calendar year instead of June to June.  Boat pier committee increased dues to cover some additional costs but hope to reduce by 10% next year

    2. Estimates cash on hand 12/31/22 to be $20,735.81 and that the committee will decide on dues for next year at that time

  10. Dave asks if there are any questions – there are none.



  1. Review of Lot vs. Household assessment vote 

    1. Currently association members are assessed by lot

  2. The vote will be based on the following three choices

    1. Number of Lots

    2. Household

    3. Tax Assessment


  1. Glen reads a letter sent on behalf of Susan Crowley in favor of voting on assessment by household

  2. Jeff Heaton expressed concern about the possibility of someone purchasing 12 lots and building one large home, thus only paying for that dwelling.

    1. Tom Langer agrees that this would not work as someone could take down homes and all dues would rise, says life isn’t fair.

  3. Jim Wojcik spoke about association members being aware of the cost of their assessment and the terms when they purchased their homes

    1. Marya Gibbons agrees with Jim on due diligence of fees when purchasing a home and states 57% of members would see an increase which isn’t fair to the manor as a whole.

  4. Jen Garrels discussed owning three homes meant you only have 1 vote

    1. Jen Read says that is what our current by-laws so that is what we go with but says it should be up for discussion at next year’s meeting based on this year’s assessment vote

  5. Hugh Connelly spoke about members who only have one buildable lot but assessed at two or more, the “buildability” is up to the city.  There are over 34 members with multiple lots, those people should have equal amount votes as they are assessed for lots.  He finished with it is “taxation without representation.”

Jen Read again states these are two separate issues and today is only a vote on how we are assessed not number of votes which is a legal matter and cannot be voted on today.



Candidate Review/Introductions

  1. Eileen Scheffler introduced herself, she is a full time resident, raising her three young children, has property management and a legal background

  2. Marya Gibbons introduced herself, she is a part time resident and a manor association member for ten years.  She has 25 years of volunteer and board experienced as well as a small business background

  3. Jen Read thanks Tykee Green for her longevity and dedication as a manor board member.



  1. Board Member and Assessment Voting Results

  1. Eileen Scheffler will serve as a new board member

  2. Jenny Heaton will continue her role as a board member

  3. Mary Myers will continue her role as a board member

  4. Vote number one – assessment by lot size will remain the same (63 votes - 41 -21 win by 19)

  5. A question was asked whether association members will have one vote per household or votes based on number of lots or number of dwellings. The Manor Board will review and determine "one vote, one lot," or options that are out there.   Board will present all findings for a vote at next years's annual meeting. 



  1. Amy Tanking asked about interest in the “Little Library in the Park”

    1. Jenny Heaton stated there has been interest and that a free library had already been commissioned and we are looking for a spot to place it.  Hands the discussion to Liane Birk

i. Liane Birk spoke about a mini library she had made in memory of Matt Scheffler.  Sarah McConnell has offered to paint the library to match location.  She suggested placing in the park by the bike rack and that it would be painted accordingly.  Hard to put it in parkway as that is city owned.  

Jen Read says we can keep discussing.

Dave Pezza asks if anyone wants it on their own property

Mary Meyers states that Amy volunteered a couple years ago and it was voted down due to the look of a public park and asks again if anyone wants it in their yard.

  1. Jen Read discusses that the board has discussed this in the past, there are the issues with strangers in the park as well as too much furniture.  Board loves that it’s a tribute to Matt but feels there would not be an end to statutes etc.

Liane states that several members have offered to have it on their property

Jen Read thanks Liane

Liane Birk asked that the annual meeting and picnic date be changed as it is close to July 4th.

Jen Read explained that the meeting date is in our By-Laws and that the meeting  used to be in November but nobody was around at that time of year. It would be an ask in changing the By-Laws to do that.



11:49 Wayne Reuter makes motion to adjourn, second, no exceptions



Joe Mandli – Manor Board Secretary

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