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July 12, 2015


(Approved July 9, 2016)


Meeting called to order by President David Frost @ 3:10pm

Welcome, manor looks beautiful, houses moving , more kids, Intro himself, intro Dawn as social, Paula as secretary, Tykee treasurer, Wayne VP, Bob boat pier, Dave Williams legal, Tom Nickols park


Deceased member, Ann tykees sister

New – evergreen, George and mary kennessey across Williams, lake view orchard, Mary & Tom Myers,

House up from Kennessey just close, Steve and Jennifer Garrels will be full time

Schorsch sold, new Scotney, 2 & 5 year old, catering picnic today

Board set in 24 when Manor developed, all here because we want to preserve character of neighborhood.

Thanks for coffee – Joan/Jack and Barb

Ice cream, Barb

New web manager host, can find draft from last year minutes, wait list, pier assmts, rules regs, by laws etc

Remember when down here, in sand , NO GLASS, or on concrete. Most walk barefoot, garbage: for people using park beach pier.  With 81 houses, if all bring their garbage here, it over flows.


By laws require approval of minutes from last year meeting – approved Pete, second Joan Thompson, all in favor

We have a quorum, 39 signed in, plus 11 proxys

Tykee – budget report – handed out copies – any questions? Pete motioned, Joan Seconded, all In favor – passed


Tom Nickols, no glass , no food or drink in sand, bugs. 1st annual park clean up in June, another in fall, date TBA. Sea wall repairs done this spring, work to do on front pillars, trying to figure that out. Exploring, very bright lights at pier, dark light iniative, see what we can do as alternative to bright lights. Railing down to swim pier. Reserver park except Memorial day 4 July, Venetian.  John Swanson thanks for watering plants.


John Swanson, home is worth what common assets are worth, its beautiful, . against state law to have glass at beach, no food, animals, no dogs in that area either. Common courtesy for kids. Walk to downtown, so charming with umbrellas we should look to put some on pier to brighten up. Can do cheaply, would make it look sharp. Colorful like downtown. Could look nice down there.  Thank you for keeping entrance and park so nice.

Jim Wojick – last year talked about illuminated bumpers on end of pier. Said we were getting a sample.  Wait for boat pier discussion


Dan Jonston – asked about dark lights initiative

Bob Nordhaus -  light at end of pier, had samples, went down at night after in sun, worthless. Light at end of pier, very bright should be ok

Jack Schafer – the light is too bright, blinds you, cant see getting in. Tom will work on that getting one not too bright.

Marya – when extended relatives come down to park  it gets awkward, it happens. Would anyone think of doing something  like riveria does, guest passes to come to beach. Could avoid asking who is who and is uncomfortable.

Tom -  challenge, trade off between doing it and who enforces. Friendly neighborhood, we see people walking through and sitting down. IF youd like to be deputy we can try.

Wojick – not to be a deputy, similar to LG beach, pass out passes. IF someone in park, they have the pass.


Tom – we pass them out, people wear, but someone in park forgot or doesn’t have the pass, what do we do and who does it.


Dona – I don’t know anyone, I think if I asked people would be offended.


Bill Jones – change topic, passed budget in haste. Min from 2014 showed $ for crib repairs, don’t see in expenses, where the 23,000 flowed in to this, are cribs being held off?

Tom - cant afford to do all in one year.

Bill – money getting carried over then? 

Tom - yes


Jack Martin– hard when you don’t know resident, if yo had a sign on benches, saying Geneva residents only, may work.   Ignore signs at entry, maybe get some on a bench or pier.


Tom- we already have 4

Joan Thompson – has anyone

Bob – prices of slips should stay the same. Don’t see any reason to raise.

Hugh Conoly – on buoy, boat damaged last year because got loose attached to can. Pete received boat by WSP, tied until could move next day. Had no recourse from liability, was not his mooring lines, was told line was replaced last spring. Unhappy with response he received.

Bob – turned in to insurance company, they denied. What are you unhappy with?

Hugh- with way handled, paying $1000 annually yet no control over what happened.

Bob – only recourse was to turn in to insurance company.

Hugh – they were worthless, sent 1 email, said read by laws, its your responsiblilty

Pete- by laws says you most have your own insurance, we are not responsibility.

We are not responsible, says clearly get your own insurance.

Hugh, if you are going to charge to use their should be some degree of responsibility

John Swanson – what was revenue we took in this year 30,400?  That is if everything is rented?

Dave Frost – don’t report if not rented

John Swanson – questioned 2 on ramp and canoe spaces

Bob- based it on what we should get it, he will ask his secretary what we actually took in.

John – just asking, should be a line item, 6 ramps, 6 canoes = 1000 or whatever. Income statement shows ramp 4, have 6. 

Pete – stated one ramp does not get rented

John – rules show ramps 300, under income we don’t show it. How much revenue has been collected from all piers and ramps? 

Bob – Marcie will show you exact.

John – next year exact should be shown on line items.


Dawn – thanks for coming, should be a great time, fire truck, face painting, thank Scotneys for food, bring plates, utensils, drinks & dessert.


Dave – asked Scotney to give brief plug for his new Restaurant.

Scotney- very happy to be park of community, talked about menu and pizza and breakfasts, excited to be part of community and manor. Excited to raise kids on lake.  Owns Oakfire next to Popeyes


David – elections, ½ board gets elected every 2 years.  Dawn term expired, Sarah McConnell offered to take her place

Pete – motion accept as presented, Joan second moved as voice vote


David – Wayne address, lights:  pro active, look at dark sky, canopy on slips – effects view, cost, not practical, peole don’t really want them. Tabled. Parkin in manor, entrance signs. As not as big of an issue, cones and no park signs on holidays have helped.

Boats or trailers in yard or grass – 4/27 city send out notice about no trailer or boats in front or side yards, they are going to be coming around to citations to enforce.  They did it for snow plowing.

Old BIZ  any new biz? 

Jim Wojick – what about sign at entry saying not the state park? 

Wayne – gps does bring them here, already takes them in may be too late once they make that turn.


Kathy Schwartz – recalls years ago people came down to camp and bath.

Wayne – will not change much

David – council ok to put slow signs, police will be down to monitor, coming fast down hill.

Jackie Getzen – was not here for spring clean up, if you live here, everyone should help not just 3 people.

New biz? – Tom Langer – would like to paing whole curb yellow, David will ask city if ok


Pete Peterson – neighborhood watch – stems from policing, dogs, glass, use of piers. 1 family in particulare, I get stuck with policing. Last year as I left w/my scooter, person come up to me in his car and took pics of me. I turned right on 50, left on Elmwood. Person not behind me. Got to sign at WI and Elmwood, person coming full speed ahead at me. Took more pics.  Knew he had problem. Went in piggly, shopped, went out back to Home Depot. Woman waiting at entrance, aimed car at me and took pics. Realized serious. Went to Plice dept immediately. Police went to family, Read police report. 4 days later, person came to house and intended to kick 

Police came and made him go home. Stemmed from me trying to enforce rules. Police took care of him, Susan is still pointing cars. Still an issue. Went to police. Without witness, cant do anyting. Asking you to keep eyes peeled, doesn’t do it all the time. Watch for someone aiming car at me. All from what has taken place down here, I will


Bill Jones – very irregular this type of announcement would be made. Find quite offensive. Defamation of character, concerned as assn we have opened ourselves up to.?  Is whole assn involved? I don’t want to be a part and am personally offended by this.

Frost – people can say what they want.

Paula asked to look at their member list to be sure its correct


Louse motion joann second, adjourned 3:51 pm

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