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Saturday July 13, 2019 – held in the Manor park

(Approved July 2020)


Meeting Called to order by President Wayne Reuter at 3:15 pm 

Wayne welcomed all to the meeting. Record number noted 47 members in attendance (plus 17 proxies) constitutes a quorum, thanks to all for attending, this year’s attendance was the highest yet. 

He went on to introduce the board members, Tom Nickols/Vice President, Bob Nordhaus/boat pier, Carol Zimmermann/Grounds & Parks, Wayne Reuter/President, Tykee Green/Treasurer (not in attendance), Jen Read/Secretary, Jen Heaton/Entertainment. He thanked them all for their work on the board. 

Wayne announced deceased members (Lois Zingle / David Traut) – moment of silence. Introduced New members. (Pecora, McMillian, Culhane, Nasbasny). 

Wayne asked that we approve last year minutes. Last year’s meeting minutes are on and have been posted as a draft on our website, plus there is a copy here today for everyone to review. He asked for a motion to approve the minutes. 

A motioned to approve (from Marcie Hollman) the 2018 Annual meeting minutes with a second by George Zimmermann, Voice Vote and all were in favor. Minutes were approved. 

Reports by Committee and Board Members

Wayne – Again reminded people that we have a lot of people driving fast and that we all need to be slowing down! 

Jen Read (Secretary)– reviewed that we now have emails. The updated member list reflects that. Website is always being updated please go on there. 

Carol Zimmermann (Grounds & Park) – handed out a report for all to review.  Carol reviewed swim pier, seaweed removal, sea-wall. Reminder that there is No food or drink in beach area or glass on piers. General reminders on park usage. With the help of her committee members (Liane Birk, Steve Garrels) thanked families for the park donations. Thank you’s was mentioned out to those for coffee, watering and other service (see report). 

3:27 pm
Wayne Reuter – on behalf of Tykee – reviewed Budgets. 

Bob Nordhaus (Boat Pier) – Reviewed boat pier, price remains same
 Chains on buoys will be reviewed yearly, Four Seasons Pier (Kelly) supposed to be working on fixing the Jet Ski ramp.
(see report)

Jenny Heaton – Party Review, Entertainment, Extra Lifeguard / band. Upcoming Movie in Park and Book Club. See website and emails for details. 

Further Review of Budget and Dues End of year $12,820.84 

Pete Peterson had a two-partmotion. He called for two votes:

1. Motion to improve a budget for the next year (2019-2020)
2. Second on having a constant reserve. 


There should be an agreed-upon amount. We should not need to collect special payments from members. 

Numbers were thrown out between $15,000-20,000. One vote should be taken and lock in a number. This amount (once agreed on) is for Emergency use only

3:40 pm
Discussion continued. Yearly vote on amount for reserve. Want to have the reserve as a line item on the budget layout from here on out. 


Question was raised when dues are due as they were moved up last year. Many thoughts only moved due to special assessment. Tom Nickols explained that when we talked to the Attorney, the date of collect has to be within so many days of the meeting, it affects the ability to collect or put liens on the outstanding members. 

In Review the dues are staying to help build a reserve. 

3:50 pm
Pete Motioned (it was seconded Dr. Dan Mortiz ) that we needed a double vote on a few items 

1. To approve agreed upon amount for reserves
2. To approve that the amount be locked in for the next year’s budget. 


Pete Peterson Motioned to Vote (Dr. Dan Moritz seconded) Voice Vote: agreed amount at $12,000. All in Favor 

Vote: Lock in. All in Favor 

Vote: Approve 2019-2020 budget: All in Favor

New Reserve amount will be $12,000. For emergency use only. All discussions turned to what is an Emergency and it is agreed that all matters will be brought to all members before used. 

3:57 pm 
Old Business

Wayne talked about the Water Safety Raffle. Raffle Ticket on bottom of ballot. 

New Business 

Late Fees/assessments change to our By-Laws / discussed and to be voted on as well as our Rental policy change. They were sent via the mail so that they could be reviewed for meeting. Both were explained at meeting as well. 

Pete Peterson wanted it stated that it is not okay to vote the changes. Tom Nickols explained that the By-Laws were reviewed by an attorney need the changes to be in the right. They now have the correct language so that if something was to come up, we have the legal backing needed. 

Voting will be done by Ballot, not hand. 

Questions raised about waiting list for boats if not paying dues and rental issues. You come off the list, it was explained. 

4:12 pm 

Construction in the Manor came up. There are big trucks racing through the neighborhood and are dangerous. There was concern on that and it was concluded to call police. This is not something we can rule on; we actually do not own our streets they are city streets. It was noted that half of the danger and driving comes from our own neighbors. 

Liane Birk took microphone to plead that all drive slower. It is really bad at her corner. Sarah McConnell, Liane Birk, and maybe others will review our roads and use of stop signs). Again, all reminded to watch out for those in our own neighborhood. 

Georgi Kleinman stated that many are concerned about further construction in the manor. Others also agreed. There are not just trucks but hazardous materials. It was stated that we will leave open for next year’s discussion at the meeting. 


It was brought up that the boat closet to the swim platform could actually hit the platform. Bob informed all that the placement of buoys are due to the DNR and that it will not actually hit. There was the suggestion that boats on buoys get moved around due to size. So that the smaller boat is on the inside. It was suggested that those at the buoys could talk to one another. 

4:35 pm 

Election of Board of Directors
Ballots passed out at beginning of meeting
Wayne and Tykee are retiring from the board (both given a photo of pier/park and board members signed thanking them) Many new Candidates running this year. Thanked for getting involved. New members were asked to speak briefly. Bob Nasbany, Steve Garrels, Dave Pezza, Marya Gibbons all spoke. 

4:37 pm
Vote takes place  (Voting Ballot contained voting for: New Board Members and the Two By Laws changes) 

4:43 pm 

Vote 1 on By-Laws recorded as passed (* See Below) 

Vote 2 on Rentals recorded as passed (* See Below) 

New Board members will be Dave Pezza, Steve Garrels, Jen Read, Bob Nordhaus (* See Below) 

Tom Nickols remains, as do Carol Zimmermann and Jen Heaton. 

4:50 pm
George Zimmermann motions to adjourn, seconded and meeting concluded. 



Jen Read
Lake Geneva Manor Association Secretary 



Vote1: 46 yes / 4 no / 2 blanks 

Vote 2: 44 yes / 6 no / 2 blank

New Officers: Jen Read - President, Tom Nickols - VP, Carol Zimmermann - Grounds 

& Park, Steve Garrels - Treasurer, Jen Heaton - Entertainment, Dave Pezza - 


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