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Minutes of Lake Geneva Manor Annual Membership Meeting July 10, 2010


(Approved 2011)


President Jay Kleiman called the meeting to order at 3:15 pm with a quorum of the Manor members present of by proxy (31 plus 3 proxy’s). In addition to the President, David Frost, vice president; and Board members Bob Nordhaus, Wayne Reuter, Mike McNerney, and Maryann McCullough, treasurer, were present. (Tykee Green was absent). Members were asked to provide email addresses and were given updated address lists, boat pier assignments’ and waiting lists, and a copy of the proposed budget. (We are missing 43 emails)


Minutes: Pete Peterson made a motion to approve the notes from last year’s annual meeting which was seconded by Louise Frost and was then approved unanimously. Those notes have been posted on the Association’s website since last December.


Treasurer: Maryann McCullough reviewed the budget and indicated that the Board had approved lowering the assessment to $250 per lot. Peter moved the budget be accepted and Joan Thompson seconded the motion. The vote in favor was unanimous.


Boat Pier: Bob Nordhaus reported that maintenance was down this past year and reviewed last year’s cost and this year’s projection.


Parks: Wayne Reuter reported that next year we will replace a crib on the swim pier. He thanked John Swanson for watering the flowers. This year Parks Improved shrubs at the entrance. He reminded members that the Park is not available on major holidays.


Architectural Review Committee: David Frost reported no issues last year. He provided an update on the sale and rebuilding of the West house and indicated the committee would meet later this summer to review the current and future guidelines.


Election: Pete Peterson moved that nominations be closed, and Joan seconded. Elections were approved unanimously.


Unfinished Business: None


New Business: Trudy Krinner proposed a sign for the park refuse signs. Louis Frost supported the idea. Wayne Reuter will follow up. Sarah McConnell asked the board to review the requirement to remove snow from the Manor sidewalks, and also to have a removeable speed bump put in on Lakeview. Bill Jones spoke in support and asked a second. David Frost and Pete Peterson commented on the current city codes. Jay Kleinman suggested Sarah propose a motion that the members put in a speed bump on Lakeview by Keefe’s, Bard seconded. There was unanimous support. Bob Krinner suggested a traffic sign. Bob Schorsch suggested the placement be in front of his house. President Kleiman suggested the board draft a letter to the city on the issue of snow removal; post it on the website for comments; and, then mail it to the city. He also suggested Sarah and other members approach the city directly on speed bumps or other options to slow traffic on Lakeview. Barb Sheilds seconded that motion and it was approved unanimously. 


David Frost had invited and received confirmations from Todd Krause and Ellyn Kehoe, our Alderman, but neither showed up.


Bill Jones discussed the idea of putting the lifts in the park during winter. He made a motion to allow the boat lifts to be stored in the park. Pete seconded. Trudy said it would be seven months not three months and it would be an eyesore. Don Rutkowski said it is very unsightly. The lifts are personal items and shouldn’t be kept in the park…Don Getzen begged to not have the lifts in the park. The overwhelming majority opposed this.


Pete Peterson proposed adjourning and Joan Thompson seconded. Support was unanimous.


Party: Mike McNerney reported last year the party consumed a record number of bottles of wine but there was beer left over. The party will start at five or before.


A moment of silence was held for the many deceased Manor members of this past year. John Mancini, Elmer Zingle, Tom Schwatz, and Linnie Butts.


Footnote: An organizational meeting was not necessary as as all Board Members were retaining their positions.


Submitted by David Frost. 

Minutes of Lake Geneva Manor Annual Membership Meeting July 10, 2010

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