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Annual Meetings 

Saturday July 10, 21 @10:30 am – held in the Manor park

Approved after motion to amend by Pete Peterson. Statement from Pete to be added along with addition from Steve Garrels (see ** 10:43 section at the end)

The annual meeting was called to order by President Jen Read at 10:30 a.m. Based on the sign in sheet and proxies, there were 45 Members present and an 13 additional by proxy. A quorum was established. President Read introduced the current Board and asked new Members to stand and introduce themselves (Egan and Barich). President Read then took a moment to discuss and honor Board Member Matt Scheffler who passed away in the last year. 

10:43 – The minutes of the 2020 Annual meeting were presented for comment and approval. There was no discussion and a motion approving the same was presented by David Frost, seconded by Marcie Hollmann and approved by voice vote without objection. 

10:45 – Steve Garrels gave the Treasurer’s report indicating that the Association was overall under budget, mostly related to the $3,000 power line replacement being delayed until the fall. Steve indicated we have the cash to do the power line work in fiscal year 21/22. The Association was under budget in some costs and over budget in other costs, with increases in insurance costing $2,000 each for the boat pier and the Manor, split evenly. The upgraded insurance coverages were approved by the Board within the last year. In responding to the accounting summary, Pete Peterson indicated that he wanted the minutes to read that the Association does not own the boat pier and the boat owners do and that the pier had not been paid for by the Association for the past 70 years but rather it was installed and paid for at boat owner expense. Petersen also indicated that he did not think the Board had the authority to spend in excess of the budgeted amounts for insurance and also question whether or not it was appropriate to spend $1,200 for pots and decorations on the pier. It was discussed that 9 pier planters were replaced in the last year. Petersen asked why legal costs were so high. The legal costs were related to researching his question at the last annual meeting regarding the allocation of assessments and limiting the total number of lots assessable to a Manor member to six. It was indicated that Pete motioned to, and then voted to, remove certain restrictions on spending that were detailed by the Board Secretary at last year’s annual meeting and he indicated that he misunderstood what it was that they were asking for last year when he objected. 

Jack Schafer thanked Steve Garrels for his work on the reports and Toni Vogel motioned to approve the annual financial statement and Tom Nickols seconded that motion. Discussion ensued regarding whether or not the assessment would remain at $450. No vote was taken as the discussion turned to the assessment, the budget and why the assessment was going to stay at $450 per lot. There were no questions on the budget which showed seawall repairs and a $4,900 surplus even though the insurance increase was included in the budget. (**see amend below)  David Frost motioned to approve the financial statements and the budget, which was seconded by Marcie Hollman. Pete Peterson raised a question as to whether the $20,000 reserve was to be voted prior to approving the financial statements and budget. Wayne Reuter indicated that the reserve should be set at a $20,000 minimum. Bill Jones questioned whether part of the reserve was a prior year’s $10,000 budgeted item for seawall repairs, but it was responded at $8,500 was spent two years ago to fix the concrete work and portions of the seawall. Wayne Reuter then motioned to approve the $20,000 reserve amount, the annual financial statement and the budget, which was seconded by Paula Pezza and each of the prior year financial statements, the upcoming year budget and the $20,000 reserve were approved by voice vote.  

**7/9/22 Amended to add: Pete Peterson said to Steve Garrels "What is the name of our insurance provider and who is is our contact?"  Steve Garrels reply was that he did not have it on hand at the meeting and could provide it.

11:02 – Jenny Heaton presented the Grounds Report. In the prior year 9 pier pots were replaced. Thanks were given for the park cleanup and for the 10 flats of flowers provided by the Reuters, Birks, Guagliardos and Nickols. The weed removal occurred during the last week of June. A new handrail was put along the boat pier stairs by Jim Birk, Ben Johnston and Dave Pezza. The power line project is budgeted with work to be done in the fall. The Board was hoping to save money by being part of a bigger electric system upgrade project that will not occur this year due to a lack of a neighborhood easement. We will move forward with our underground power line but there will be some excavation at each end of the line. 

Marcie Hollman thanked the people who put the yellow line across the swim pier. Thanks was also given to Bob Nordhaus for straightening the power pole. Sarah McConnell asked about the blue park chairs and whether additional chairs could be bought. Treasurer Garrels indicated that the Association had unspent donations of $1,264 for that purpose. It was decided the blue chairs look more private and cost about $600 apiece. It was hoped 2 additional chairs could be acquired this year. Jack Schafer asked that the cardboard signs along the Lake path be removed to be replaced with something more professional, if possible. The cardboard signs were removed the day after the meeting. Jim Wojcik requested that the south sign pole and one sign at the boat pier be repaired. Wayne Reuter suggested that we put arrows on the sidewalk identifying the direction of the Lake path.

11:13 - Jenny Heaton described the purpose of the architectural review committee and indicated that we have one house for sale and a few under construction. Jenny stated that the purpose of the architectural review committee is to facilitate neighbors discussing work being done and the timing associated therewith in advance of any construction projects. There were no questions.      

11:14 - Mary Myers gave the entertainment summary. The Manor had an Easter egg hunt and bike parade and will have a book club and potluck on August 18 and a movie night on August 29, the movie to be determined. An Octoberfest will be scheduled closer to the date it will be held. Sarah McConnell requested that temporary barriers be installed for the bike parade next year as it was hard to get around parked cars. Pete Peterson asked why the movie was so late in the year when most kids will be back to school. It is scheduled for Labor Day weekend and corresponds with the earlier sunset. We will have a Christmas tree this year, to be decorated around Thanksgiving. This year’s annual party will begin at 5pm and have a band, a bouncy hut and grills for self-preparation of food. It will have a nautical theme. Mary also thanked Barb Phillips and Joan Schafer for handling Coffee in the Park, which will continue through the remainder of the year.

11:16 – Bob Nordhaus presented the Boat Pier Committee Report. Bob presented the boat pier and boat pier waiting list and a financial recap and indicated that the reserve will be somewhere between $7,000 and $14,000 (depending on what bills remain to be paid) and that as of July 8 the boat pier committee had approximately $24,624 in the bank (later confirmed by Dave Pezza) with a few costs remaining this year, including pier removal. Bob is slowly trying to increase the reserve. Jim Wojcik asked why the financial statements indicated a $1,200 annual boat pier charge when $1,400 in annual fees have been paid, which seems to result in a $6,000 difference in the overall statement. Jim is seeking a current financial statement in a better format. Bob indicated that the amount was incorrect due to a printer error and that the $1,400 invoice in the March 15 letters he sent was correct and reflected in the July 8 cash balance. Bill Jones also asked about the $1,400 annual invoice amount with $1,200 only showing on the statement that Bob handed out. Bill also explained that there should be separate invoices for lift removal/reinstallation that he had not received and discussed the computer problem/printer error. Pete Peterson indicated that the lift invoices were sent separately to boat owners that had lifts and assured Bill he will receive one. Bill Jones also indicated he had a problem with the electric for his lift, which Bob said he would look into. 

Jim Wojcik then questioned the amount of reserve funds required and whether or not pier removal and installation quotes were ever obtained. Bob replied that they used Kelly (owner of the pier service) for many years, the boat pier committee paid on time so that we can be the first pier in and last pier out (however Reeds Marine does the lifts and those invoices will come separately) and there was no reason to make a change for the last 15 years as we received exceptional service. Kelly passed away during the last few months and the family and the foreman will be running the business going forward. Marya Gibbons asked what the reserves amount actually are and asked Dave Pezza to check (which he did). Paula Pezza said they now have a year to correct the reports and documents and should do so. Pete Peterson said that no reserve is required by the bylaws, but the boat pier committee tries to keep $20,000 in reserve. Dave Pezza explained that his back of the envelope calculation showed that approximately $14,000 should remain in the account after paying bills for the remainder of the year. Marya also inquired as to whether the Manor treasurer received full records from the boat pier committee regarding funds or if there was some misunderstanding. Steve said there was no in misunderstanding and he does not receive financial records from the boat pier committee. 

11:35 – President Read discussed unfinished business from last year’s annual meeting, which was a request to limit overall assessments for a single owner to six lots. Jen explained that by Wisconsin law assessments can be done by lot, household or tax assessment. The proposal that was made last year to limit an owner’s assessment to six lots does not comply with Wisconsin law per counsel. Steve Garrels explained that if we changed from assessment by lot to assessment by household, a single lot owner assessment would go from $450 to $689. Jack Schafer indicated that those with less would pay more and those with more would pay less. Tom Langer indicated that the lots along the road in question are, in his opinion, not developable without infrastructure however the lots were acquired many years ago for $10,000 at a sheriff sale. The association could buy the rights or the owner could donate them to the association or we could leave them as is. Hugh Connolly said he pays for two lots and doesn’t have the ability to use them both because of the location of his house. He is not sure why the assessment process should not be changed. In response to Hugh’s comment, Dona Martin said that she has a small lot and would like a larger lot. Dana Breckenridge has two lots and wonders why he should not have the right to two slips. Jack Schafer suggested that perhaps we could adjust the assessments on the lots in question in exchange for the use of some lakefront property for a boat pier or rental. Paula Pezza indicated that homes could be built on the lots, so they should be assessed. Pete Peterson made a motion to review the per lot versus per household assessment at the next annual meeting, which was seconded by Marcie Hollmann. Discussion ensued with Wayne Reuter wondering what we needed to do with an attorney and what it would cost. Sarah McConnell requested that financial information be provided in advance of the meeting. The board indicated that they would have to review and provide that information. Tom Langer indicated that if you won the lottery and bought the house next-door, on a per household assessment, it would reduce the number of households so household doesn’t seem to be fair. A voice vote was taken that was determined to be inconclusive. Therefore, a hand count was taken and the vote was 21 yeas versus 19 nays (proxies were not counted) to include a discussion/vote on whether to change the assessments from by lot to by household. 

11:56 – President Read turned to new business and indicated the very recent issues that we were having with 2 cars being stolen, people coming into the neighborhood that do not belong there, etc., so make sure to be vigilant and lock your cars. 

11:59 -- The meeting turned to the election of new candidates, Joe Mandli introduced himself as a new candidate and the vote was taken. The board members elected for the next two years are Jen Read, Steve Garrels, Dave Pezza and Joe Mandli.

12:20 By motion and vote of all of the members, the meeting adjourned at 12:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, 

David Pezza, Secretary 

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